February 15, 2012
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Manic Bloom


Manic Bloom describes their sound as “epic, melodic rock.” As it turns out, this band knows themsleves pretty well — which is more than we can say for a lot of others out there.

These five guys from Nashville, by way of a few places in Texas got together a couple of years ago and haven’t stopped since, despite having various day jobs and an agreement to write all of their songs together. For anyone who’s ever tried writing a song — a challenge in of itself. But for Jeff, Jeff, Andy, Matt and David, it’s the way they’ve always done it and the way they found their voice.

With two albums under their belt and a third on the way towards the end of the year, “it’s too early too tell” just when explained drummer Jeff Brinkley in a phone interview, it’s a formula that’s working. Their hope is that “the music speaks for itself” because the ultimate goal is “getting out in front of people.”

It’s going to be hard to avoid that with songs like these, three of which you can listen to right here.

“Never Back Down”

“Push Off the Ground”





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