February 26, 2012
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Marianas Trench


The latest album from Canadian band Marianas Trench is a little bit different than what you might be used to in an era of .mp3 downloads and online music services that allow you to listen to individual tracks on demand. “Ever After” was made to be heard all at once, explained drummer Ian Casselman in a phone interview. “It was something like writing an album like a musical, and it’s meant to be listened to from beginning to end.”

The album is frontman Josh Ramsay’s vision and is based on a story he wrote. To hear the story, you’ll have to listen to the album, but we can say that the hour-long symphony-esque album is pretty epic — and of course you can hear a few tracks from it, their third album, right here. The band got together about six years ago. Ramsay and Matt Webb went to high school together, and they found Casselman later through a want ad, who brought on bassist Mike Ayley. Since forming, they’ve been pretty successful in Canada, and in the United States too, as they discovered while on tour with A Simple Plan.

In addition to their new album, Casselman shared some of the best and most practical advice we’ve heard from a Hear it Now band. “If you’re ever in a position [as a musican] where someone wants you to sign something, hire a lawyer.” Want more? You can find the guys at the usual spaces — Facebook, Twitter and their website.


“No Place Like Home”


“Haven’t Had Enough”




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