April 15, 2013
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Marie Miller


“I love to read and I love people, so I get to write about both of those things,” shared Marie Miller about crafting new songs. “I can be inspired by a character,” but “I have to write about something that actually happened, not just in my imagination. I started writing at thirteen and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

She started out playing blueglass with her older sister, who “went to college when I was fifteen and I started doing my own thing. I got a record deal when I was sixteen,” but “I wasn’t ready for it. I wanted to be doing things like play soccer. I wasn’t ready for a full-time job,” which is what life with a record deal can be like. Now, she’s grown up and ready for that gig, right down to splitting her time between home (“way out in the country” in Virginia) and Nashville. The “the third oldest of nine,” the Miller family is “half and half with music, but everybody plays a little something.”

Her performances range from acoustic guitar and mandolin shows to a full on band. “When I have a full band there’s a fiddle player, drums, guitar and bassist. They’re actually another family that has ten kids,” which is fun. “Being on stage is my favorite thing.” With an EP out “in about a month,” she’ll be doing plenty of that over the summer. She also “has about fourteen songs ready,” so an album isn’t far behind.

If you want to be in music, she advises, “do it for music’s sake. It’s a wonderful tool to bring peace and happiness to people, but it’s a ton of work. It can be such a good, but you have to just love it for itself.” You can keep up with Miller and her shows this summer on her Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“Fall Alone”

“Such a Shame”

“You’re Not Alone”




2 comments on “Marie Miller

  1. Rayne

    ur great! keep on writing songs i love to hear them on channelone! so far ur my favorite! love ur song Such A Shame! Keep up da good work girl!!!!!!


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