Karen Knapstein
May 13, 2013
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Matt Costa

feature-cover-matt-costaCalifornia-native Matt Costa describes his sound as “folk-tinged rock with a sun-faded dashboard,” which is a nice way to describe a style, a sound and an album.

He got his musical start on a piano. He found that he “loved the way the sound filled a room” — and he’s been hooked ever since. Unsurprisingly, he’s inspired by Mozart. He eventually taught himself to play guitar and writing. Songs like “Ophelia” and “Laura Lee” reflect his classical influences, with solid folk roots.

For two live songs from Matt and an interview with Scott Evans, check out the videos below. You can also keep up with him on his Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“Early November”

“Laura Lee”



Scott Evans talks to the singer-songwriter.


The singer-songwriter plays for Scott Evans

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