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November 10, 2013
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Matt Pond

“I broke my leg while on tour a couple of years ago and that’s when I realized that even though this can be be hard, it’s what I want to do,” shared Matt Pond in a phone interview earlier this afternoon. “I tell people that if I had to break my leg again,” to write an album, “I would.”

The New Hampshire born musician with a Brooklyn area-code phone has recently landed in Oakland after a career spent “wandering. Spending time in places that I find inspiring.”


“I played the trumpet, piano and french horn in school, but I didn’t really connect. But the guitar was always there — doesn’t everyone want to play it?” And though he wanted to play, the life of a musician wasn’t necessarily his first choice. “I wanted to have a desk and a leather chair and to write,” which IS what he does now, but in a different way than he initially expected.

“I’m pretty connected to every part of creating an album. I don’t necessarily do the marketing, but I understand what goes into it.” He also produces himself. “I know my songs the best. And I know you have to just push forward,” to get an album out. “Being a part of everything is streamlined, and a little scary,” but that’s just how things work now, he explained.

And then there’s being on the road after that album┬ácomes out. “You play shows every night for two months and sing your heart out and you don’t sleep very much. But there are certain moments on stage that are with me forever.”

For now, he’s “trying to write.” He already has another album written, but, he explains, “I go for large quantities.” An approach that falls in line with his advice for budding musicians. “I wish someone had told me to approach this with focus and heart but also with a huge amount of humility. So many things are beyond your control.”

You can check out tracks from “The Lives Inside Your Hand,” below, and don’t miss the video for “Love to Get Used.”

“Let Me Live”

“Love to Get Used”

“Hole in My Heart”





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