Karen Knapstein
January 5, 2014
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Matt White

When your family is musical, it’s not unusual to write an opera at age eleven. It’s not a big deal when you’ve been playing the piano since three. And when you saw your first Springsteen show at eight, (“I was that kid with big head phones that you see at concerts,” he explained), your musical chops are such that you can go to college and gig around Wisconsin with your guitar and still graduate.

feature-cover-matt-whiteFor Matt White, it’s a true story and though it might sound a little charmed, he explains that what it really takes to make it happen is a lot of “sitting on your bed with a guitar, working as hard as you can until you pass out.”

His latest CD, Shirley, came out in August. It’s named for his grandmother who was one of the first female Orchestra leaders in the country. This one is different, he explained, because “I’m really a piano player, and it’s more of what I do.”

“Some people say they write songs when they’re depressed, but for me, inspiration is about going to a concert or watching a Bob Dylan documentary. My most successful song, ‘Love’ was written in ten minutes. I write about love and relationships from my perspective.”

But, he shared, it’s important to get other perspectives too. If you want to learn about songwriting, for example, he suggests “writing with anybody and everybody. Get out of your comfort zone and write with someone totally different.” You learn more about who you are as a musician and what the possibilities for yourself are. Find out more about who Matt is by listening to the track below and on on his website.

“Out of Site”

“Sweet Love”

“Love and Affection”

“Around the World”





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