Karolyn Eilersten
September 16, 2012

Meet Team OneVote: Karolyn Eilertsen


Hi everyone! My name is Karolyn and I am a senior in high school. I am the youngest of three children, and I live in Baton Rouge, LA with my parents. I attend an all-girls Roman Catholic School, and my favorite subject is English.

I love to play tennis, travel, and read. I never had much of an interest in politics until I began interning at a radio show that addressed current issues and how they relate to youth. I then realized the importance of understanding what happens in our world and the huge impact that even a teenager can make!

This will be my first election that I will vote in. As a young adult, my primary concern is the economy. Five years from now, I will be graduating from college and seeking a job. In this election, my attention is focused on the economy, education, taxes, and healthcare.

Follow my posts as I offer my perspective on the political platforms of each candidate and update you with the latest news on the way to election day!

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