September 11, 2012

Meet Team OneVote

Check out what these six teens have to say about politics.

Maggie: Let’s meet team OneVote.

Hey guys, my name is John Dijacobi… and we are right now at the GOP victory center in Medina County, Ohio. I am an intern for Congressman Jim Renacci, and I come here to the victory center often to make calls, go door to door, and help out with the campaign. So why don’t we take a look inside?

Hi my name is John DiJacobi, nice to meet you sir…

I became interested in politics when I was around, in 8th grade, I think that politics is a very important part of our country, I think that a lot of men died to give us liberty and the freedoms to vote, I think that teenagers today should really be focused on maybe not political life in general, but just knowing current issues and what’s going on around them because In a few years, we are going to have to vote.

Let’s face it, President Obama and the Democrats have caused the debt to skyrocket and they never deliver the jobs they promised. The presidential candidate I support is Mitt Romney. He has background in the private sector which I think is very important for a presidential candidate. He knows how to create jobs and get things done. If he can handle our economy, then all the other issues, I believe, will eventually fall into place.

Paul Sanchez: May I speak to Nancy please..?

Immigration here, especially in Arizona is ridiculous. We’re going after the wrong people. I know a couple families that have already been arrested or already deported.

I support Barack Obama for many reasons. The Dream Act is something that we need to get passed. Life is going to be very difficult for those that don’t have documents. We’re calling voters to see if they have turned in their ballots. If Mitt Romney is elected, I don’t think anything good is going to come out of that and I don’t think it’s fair.

Karolyn Eilertson: How can you make an impact on the national level besides just voting for a presidential candidate?

I have a radio show on the Catholic station in Baton Rouge, and we discuss current events and how they relate to you. I’m not catholic and so, I have kind of an interesting position on the radio show. Whenever we’re discussing, like, a social issue, my other teammates often present the Catholic perspective but I’m Methodist so I kind of have a different take. I think for teenagers, the economy is the ultimate issue that we should be concerned with. It’s our future, we are the people who are going to graduate college in a few years, and we’re going to need jobs and unemployment rates are still at 8 percent? I definitely think that that needs to be improved. I think Obama is more concerned with the middle class; he’s a little more aware of those than perhaps Mitt Romney is.

Kailyn Allen: I’m, running for senior class president, are you planning on voting for me?

Student: Of course

Kailyn Allen: Awesome Thanks (sequiah?)

Hi I’m Kailyn Allen, I go to P.K. Yonge High School in Gainesville. Florida. And I’m chairwoman of the Florida Federation of Teen Republicans, in the Alachua County Teen Republicans and I’m currently campaigning for senior class president. I think it’s really important for young people to be involved in politics, because if we don’t have a voice, and we don’t vote, we essentially don’t matter. If we don’t act, it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse, but really they have the power to make a difference. I love Mitt Romney. I think he’s the perfect one to turn this country around. He has experience a crisis manager. His entire career he’s been turning things around, and that’s what our country need right now.

Connor Pheiffer: I’m a member of my school’s debate team, my school’s Junior Statesman of America chapter, I’m an Eagle Scout and I’m a violinist. I’m the statewide Chairman of the High School Republicans of Texas. I’m also a member of several different political campaigns, one for David Rosa, who’s a candidate for Congress here in San Antonio. I’m a volunteer for the local Republican Party. e need to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to really address the deficit, and really bring real solutions, to help make sure that when you and I are older, we’re not drowning in the debt of this nation.

Nyatan Bol: I am a senior in high school, and my parents and I emigrated here from South Sudan when I was five.

I guess I would say that I am a refugee. I left my country because of a war. For me personally, I am fundamentally against war. I’m glad that we are starting to draw down our troops; I think that Obama has handled it well considering the mess that he was left with. And I think that right now the United States needs to look internally because our education system is falling apart, our economy is still recovering. So we need to put our money there while keeping an eye on countries such as Syria and Egypt and Libya, they do affect us. What goes on in the Middle East ultimately does have an effect on the whole world. I’m Nyatan Bol, and I’m supporting Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

President Obama: Thank you!

Crowd: Four more years! Four more years!


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