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Learn more about the reporters and producers who bring you headlines and features throughout the year.

demetrius-m Demitrius Pipkin 
Demetrius got his first taste of the television world while only a senior in high school. He worked as a part-time photojournalist at the local NBC affiliate in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he covered a range of different stories including local crime, sports, and the 2008 Presidential election. After graduating, Demetrius moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to attend school at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. During his three-year tenure at ASU, Demetrius freelanced for a number of different organizations where he shot, edited, and wrote his own stories.

In 2011,he packed his bags and moved to New York to accept a fellowship at CBS News, which would eventually lead him to a Producer/Digital Journalist position at Channel One News.


Kristin Sachau

Kristin grew up in San Diego, California and graduated from San Diego State University. After college it was off to Rome, Italy where she worked at a Refugee Center and for the United Nations. Our resident fashion expert, Kristin has also worked as a stylist in New York. But she says it wasn’t until she got involved in documentary films that she realized her passion for story-telling. And it’s people like Kristin, with such a diverse background, that make the Channel One team so unique — we all bring so many skills and experiences together to make a great show.

Kristin says the most compelling story she has worked on for Channel One was when she traveled back to California to cover the San Diego fires, which literally happened in her own backyard, as the fire affected many members of her own family — a challenge, she says, for her to walk the line between journalist and private citizen.

zach-mZachary Carr-Dreher

Zach is affectionately known as our “Zach-of-All-Trades,” he is the guy responsible for bringing our 12-minute masterpiece together each day. But it’s no surprise, his background is actually in video installation art, and he got his start as a filmmaker while studying communications and religious studies at Ithaca College in New York.

Each day Zach takes all of the pieces of the Channel One puzzle, brings them together, answers all of our technical questions and still manages to stay cool — we couldn’t do it without him! And while you may not recognize Zach’s face, you’ve certainly heard his velvety voice — teasing parts of our show, ‘Hear It Now,’ ‘Glory Road’ and many others!

39 comments on “Meet the News Team

  1. Ed Broderick

    Report from our beach “ROCKAWAY”

    Sand Fairy vs SANDY
    Yes Kathleen Ann
    There once was a spot crowned by sand
    Till the wind and waves stole it away
    The spot we know as Rockaway

    We survived the loss of Playland
    Now we are left with no sand
    You must not fret Please don’t cry
    Our ocean will never go dry
    I think I might have the key
    That will solve this mystery

    We will have all visitors pay their dues
    By returning the sand in their shoes
    So tell the man from channel One
    To return in the summer to have fun
    For surely the SandFairy’s work will be done

    Now after many seasons of toil
    Sandy arrives to wreck and to spoil
    The beaches we knew
    both old and new
    Taken in the wind SANDY blew

    After the rain and the fires were out
    Your heart would break to look about
    Sights so sad filled with pain
    Hope to God never to see again

    We who survive and love our beach
    Know the memories to use to reach
    That place kissed by God’s sun
    Where we will gather for a summer of fun
    With the Sand Fairy and
    the man from channel one
    Ed Broderick

  2. J.Taylor

    Keith, great job on the news today, its the first time I caught you on Channel 1. Congrats, you make VF proud.
    Your hair looked great too.

  3. Phoebe Smith

    you guys are awesome. love it. it is the only thing that gets me through the mornings, having to wait to watch you in the afternoon!

    1. Mari J.

      I watch this ALL THE TIME! It is so fun, and what I like so much is they aren’t the “Oh-so-serious” reporters you see on TV. These guys are super fun and it’s great getting to know them more!

  4. Carlena-Naps

    These reporters are awesome. I enjoy watching them better than watching the news on TV. Scott Evans is awesome! :)

  5. kaylynn

    hi, guys I love channelone and would like to shout out for Maggie rullie! you are amazing! =). also to my math teacher mr.willmann grate job guys! yall are cool.

  6. Monica

    Your shows are off the hook! were located in Arizona, a small town called cibecue, but our school is called Dishchii’Bikoh high school. Thanks to my teacher we watch your shows everyday :)



  8. terin d.c.

    I think you’r show is awesome,and good for us because it tells us what is happening in the world around us,and it shows us what the real world is like. You guys are very nice. I’m happy to now what is happening.

  9. Lance Goethals

    you guys are the best news team out there. I have a great time watching your videos. I love you guys.


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