February 28, 2012
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Megan & Liz


Fraternal twins Megan and Liz just moved to Nashville from Michigan to be closer to where they need to be for their music career. And while there are probably many 19-year-olds who have done just that over the years, very few of them probably also had, oh, all of YouTube already behind them not to mention a number of successful singles AND more than one request from their fans to have them on Hear it Now.

They got their start when Liz got a guitar for Christmas the year they were thirteen. Megan, not Liz, picked it up and after seeing other performers, including Savannah Outen, post their work on YouTube, they joined in. Before long, they had fans. As they continued to write songs (about “life, things that have actually happened to one of us or to a friend”) and upload videos, they had MANY fans. So much so that they were asked to open up for Boyce Avenue on a few dates last year (“so much fun,” shared Megan) and now, Nashville.

What’s next for these two? They were about to leave on a radio tour when we spoke and then it’s back home to work on a fully-produced album. And then a tour, of course. That’s something that “we’re still getting used to. We’re actually havind to adjust to not being in front of a camera” explained Megan. The best part of touring, however, is easy. “Our fans — we love them because they’re the reason we get to do what we love.”


“Old School Love”

“Happily Never After”

“A Girl’s Life”

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