February 25, 2012
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“I write about things that other people don’t write about,” explained Zakkary Hale, the Utah-based front man for Melodramus, this week’s HIN band that we discovered when they reached out to us on Twitter, of all places.

The band, now working on a third album, has been through a couple of transitions, but his talent — the driving force behind their sound — has just evolved since it was created a few years back. Though the members have changed, the band has not. Neither have their lyrics. “I write about the ego, awareness of life, having space consciousness,” he shared. It’s a far cry from most pop songs, that typically focus on, well, girls. “I’ve done that too,” Hale admitted. But listening, it’s easy to see how these talented musicians — now including Trevor Alder and Andrew Hopkins quickly evolved past pop cliches to become something tighter and more honest — to a genuine sound of their own.

After two albums (one of which is available for download online!) the band shifted, literally, and is working on a new album with their regular producer while looking forward to an upcoming move to Seattle. “The goal is to be on the road,” Hale said. “I was raised to believe that I can do anything — I try to share that outlook with others.” We believe Melodramus is well on their way to whatever they’ve decided to do next.

“Black and Grey”

“Down in Flames”






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