February 18, 2012
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Michaela Wallace


Michaela Wallace had a great summer. She went on her first trip to Los Angeles, where she did the tourist thing (Universal Studios, the Hollywood sign), met with some record people about a potential album and she turned 15. She also spent about six weeks on a Camplified tour. The best part? “Being on stage first and then connecting with the fans after,” she shared.

Though she’s not actually Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, her song, “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” has made her a big enough YouTube sensation that some are calling her the next Taylor Swift.

It’s a comparison that Michaela appreciates. “I really like Taylor Swift — she made me want to play guitar” after years of playing the piano and singing at church, she explained in a phone interview.

According to Wallace, the songs on her EP (three of which you can listen to now!), are about “what’s going on in my life,” hence “Boys, Boys, Boys” which is about her and her girlfriends hanging out and discussing their crushes, while “Don’t Make a Sound” is about a Romeo and Juliet level intense romance.

You can keep up with her on Twitter as she works on her EP and a new video, and you might even get some scoop on the homecoming dance at her school.

“Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend”

“Boys, Boys, Boys”

“Don’t Make a Sound”




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