Money, Money, Money

brunette teen girl with piggy bank and bills of 100 euros

There’s a lot of talk about money lately. Between the debt ceiling, rising college prices, the deal in Europe, whatever we owe China and about a dozen other pressing financial issues, it seems money is all anyone can think about, even though it seems that very few people actually understand what is going on.

And those are just the issues making headlines. Personal finance is not necessarily newsworthy, but it can be a source of major confusion, and that knowledge gap is certainly worth discussing. Some schools have created classes to help students get a grip. And some, like the one in today’s show, are making them a requirement for graduation. Others, however, are lagging behind. According to a 2011 survey of schools, less than half of states require students to take an economics class in high school, and just thirteen percent require a personal finance class.

That left us wondering — do YOU feel well-informed enough to manage your money after graduation? Vote in the poll and tell us, then leave a comment explaining why or why not. Be sure to include your first name, age and state if you’d like your response to be used on the show.


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