Karen Knapstein
January 26, 2014
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Moon Taxi

Nashville-based band Moon Taxi is on the road again. A version of the five-some started while their front-man, Trevor Terndrup, was in college. “My first record was a student project. I toured with it for a while and people responded to it” and a few years later, the current lineup came together.

feature-image-moon-taxiSince they play a lot of shows, “we pay a lot of attention to our production, and the interaction with the crowd.”¬†Their second record was well-received — “it changed our writing process,” which, he explained, “depends.”

“Each song has it’s own journey. We work on a multitude of riffs and try to apply them to right song.

Moon Taxi’s latest, Mountains Beaches Cities is about “love — and longing for home. We’ve been traveling a lot,” shared Terndrup.¬†”It’s a lot of hard work — not everyone gets discovered on YouTube!,” he laughed.

You can hear the results of that effort in the tracks below. You can also look for their tour dates now, and keep up with the band on their website, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

“My Own Mistakes”

“The New Black”

“Running Wild”

“River Water”




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