May 24, 2013

Moore High School Graduation


Shelby: Schools here in Moore have been let out for the summer. But they are not closing their doors just yet. Instead of having class, they will be offering support to students who were affected by the storm.

Austin Bright: We were supposed to have a bunch of different senior stuff, like senior breakfast and finals.

Shelby: Students in Moore were just finishing up their last week of school when Monday’s deadly tornado forced a change of plans.

Jake Spradling: We do have the rest of our lives to live. But also, we’re living in the moment as high school kids, and right now it’s a mourning type of time for us.

Shelby: Jake Spradling and his teammate Brandon Dick both lost their homes.

Brandon Dick: We were just out at lunch an hour. Three hours later, come back out there and it’s just flat.

Shelby: Now their football coach has started a donation fund to help students and families get back on their feet.

Jeff Brickman: Get the families what they need now, and then we’ll worry about football later.

Shelby: They may not be on the field anytime soon, but the spirit of sportsmanship has never been stronger in Moore, a town where high school sports rivalries run deep.

Anna Trowbridge: We have three 6A high schools, and although they’re very competitive, when something like this happens, they come together as a community.

Austin: Yeah, we all have different jerseys on, but we’re all still Moore. We’ve been saying that we’re Oklahoma strong. And so, we’re just here to just help everybody and everybody’s just trying to do what they can to help.

Shelby: Students affected by the storm are also receiving support from administrators.

Trowbridge: They can visit with administrators, their teachers, kind of put closure to the year, gather their personal belongings. And we’re also providing counseling services.

Shelby: And as for the class of 2013…

What about graduation? Are seniors still getting their ceremony?

Trowbridge: Absolutely. Yep, they’re going to be there with caps and gowns and ready to go. We are so excited for them.

Shelby: You are graduating Saturday, right? How do you feel about that?

Austin: I’m happy. Because with everything going on, it’s definitely something that’ll bring, like, a sense of normalcy back. And it’s something that I think will help a lot of people overcome just the tragedy of what has happened.

Shelby: As graduates begin looking toward their futures, returning students in Moore say they are determined to bounce back from the tragedy that has cut the end of their school year short.

Ryan Lujan-Leonard: We’ll grow from this and get better as a community.

Shelby: Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.


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