November 5, 2012

More OneVote Results

The Southeast and Southwest weigh in!

Kailyn: I just cast my ballot for Governor Mitt Romney for president of the United States because I know he has the experience necessary to turn our country and our economy around, and the ideas and a real plan to do so.

Karolyn Eilertsen: I will be officially casting my vote for Barack Obama. I thought he did – he presented excellent ideas in regard to foreign policy. I support many components of his healthcare plan and I think that he’s the stronger candidate of the two.

John DiGiacobbe: Limited government, individual liberty, lower taxes, a strong national defense. I believe this country can truly be turned around.

Scott: Welcome back! We just heard from our Team OneVote and we have already got the results from the Northeast states. So what do you say we head south?  We have got some of the Norristown cheerleaders to help us out.

That was pretty impressive. Alright.

When it comes to Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana…

The “R” is for Romney. All of those states turn red. And as for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Arkansas… The “O” is for Obama. He got those states. With a seven state sweep in the South, Governor Romney is gaining some ground.

Alright, over to Maggie who is going to break down what the students cared most about during the campaign.

Maggie: As thousands of you went online to vote, we also asked what is the most important issue to you. Here is how the numbers break down. The majority – forty-four percent of you – said the economy and jobs are most important to you. Education and the national debt tie for second place, both receiving sixteen percent each. Nine percent say social issues; eight percent, national security; and seven percent, the environment.

Now let’s see what people here on the ground have to say. Josh, you are up first.

Josh: I agree that the economy is one of the most important things that we should focus on. Jobs would be the first thing. So whichever person in the race can have a plan and knows what they’re doing and actually has a sight of how he’s going to do it, then that person has my vote.

Maggie: Thanks, Josh. Alright, Coolie. What about you?

Coolie: I believe that jobs are one of the main points that our president needs to hit. And, as the same thing josh says, whoever does that has my vote.

Maggie: Thanks, guys.

Shelby: Thanks, Maggie. Alright, now let’s see how the Southwest, Alaska and Hawaii voted. Alaska, Hawaii, and Oklahoma go red for Romney. And Obama wins Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. That keeps president Obama in the lead.

When we come back, it is the moment we have all been waiting for. Did your candidate come out on top? Well, we will find out!


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