October 1, 2012
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Atlanta-based band Namesake didn’t have to look far when figuring out what they were going to call themselves. They have a few things in common, including the obvious taste in music and general sound, is that they’re four guys named after their fathers. With four “Juniors” in one band, it’s not surprsing that when frontman Will Crafton started thinking about picking up a guitar, he worked on a project with his dad to earn the money for it. Turned out, however, that he “wasn’t so great at the guitar, so I became a singer” instead, he explained.

The band (for the record, the other names are guitarists Brad Wagner and Troy Harmon, and drummer Kevin Nordeste) formed about two years ago, and they soon had a chance to play in a showcase for Imagen records. That led to recording and their first album, Borders and Fences. Recorded with producer James Paul Wisner, who has worked with acts including Paramour and and New Found Glory in Orland, Fla. But before the recording, came the writing. “Every song starts as acoustic. When we were writing the band had just been formed and we were living together in an apartment in Charlotte — it was like an MTV reality show,” shared Crafton. Out in early August, the album has already been well-recived. Even on their earliest dates, “the audience was singing along.”

Now, they’re on the road, adding new dates regularly. Having a “full-length album is a dream come true.” They made it happen by making the most of a “positive attitude and not letting anyone bring us down.” With that and some talent, there you go. You can listen to tracks from the album here and keep up with them on their Facebook page.
“The Movement”

“Times of Our Lives”

“Worlds Away”




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