May 21, 2012

NATO Summit


Maggie The city of Chicago is hosting the leaders of the world in a two-day NATO summit. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military alliance of dozens of countries. And at the Chicago summit, the future of Afghanistan is topping the agenda. This is the first time an American city other than Washington, D.C. has ever hosted a NATO summit.

But world leaders, who are discussing the strategy for afghanistan, aren’t the only visitors who have descended on Chicago. Thousands of protestors took to the streets this past weekend demanding an end to the war, and marching for several other causes.

In some cases, the demonstrations turned violent, resulting in several arrests. There were also reports on websites that the city of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department were taken down Sunday. Officials were investigation claims of responsibility from the hacker group Anonymous.

The members of NATO are looking at how to keep peace and stability in Afghanistan after 2014, when U.S. and NATO forces are scheduled to leave.


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