Karen Knapstein
March 15, 2014
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Neo Geo

Growing up, Neo Geo‘s Rainy Terrell sang opera and played classical piano. And “after graduating,” she explained, she lived in New York “for a while doing musical theater. But I got to a point that I wanted to start writing — I wanted to express my own feelings,” not something someone else had written. And by that point, she had met Ryan Walter, Neo Geo’s keyboardist,¬†and started writing with him.

“We come at it from different, but complimentary, directions. He’s more methodical, I’m more of a free-spirit and together — it fits,” she shared. They can “bounce things off each other and it’s fun — different from working alone. We’ve been doing it since 2008 and it’s going really, really good.”

feature-cover-neo-geoTheir music is “fun. Some of it is deep. We write about honest stuff. Sometimes it’s depression, or someone I loved.” As a child, Rainy was in an ice-skating accident that left her in a coma for a time, which has also informed some of their work. “Our first record had a song called ‘My Coma’ — it’s a crazy fantasy.”

Their latest album, Digital DNA, was a challenge. “You want it to be better than what you first put out — to prove that you’re not a one-trick pony. And it took longer to record because we had high aspirations.”

Out in October, they’re traveling to support it now. “We’re going on a six-week high school tour, which is great,” because students don’t usually “have outlets to go to shows all the time. I want to inspire kids to write music and be creative.” Live shows are a great way to do that, because “there’s nothing like it — the energy — it’s the most freeing feeling.”

She wants to encourage young people to “go out there and start from scratch. If you keep trying and follow your heart, it’s going to be beneficial to your growth as a person. You’ve got to push yourself” and “keep your expectations high.”

Check out tracks from the album below, and keep with the band on their Facebook page.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

“I’ll Be Fine”

“Are You With Me”

14 comments on “Neo Geo

  1. Quinn

    They remind me soooo much of Icon For Hire. I actually thought they were them, till i looked at there name. f^_^;)

  2. MigZ

    i thought it was Hayley Williams first omg
    am i the only black person that likes this stuuf POP ROCK ISLIFE MANN

  3. luicille divincio

    This band is completely horrible . They’re entirely too loud, And you cant understand anything they’re saying the music is too loud over their voices.

    1. Rosella

      You don’t like it don’t listen plus your just jealous that it sounds better than what you listen to.


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