May 9, 2012

New Bomb Plot

The FBI is examining evidence in a new airline terror plot.

Josh: FBI specialists are picking apart a bomb they say was part of a plot by the terrorist group al-Qaeda to blow up a airplane here in the U.S.

Officials say the bomb may be an upgraded version of the so-called underwear bomb worn by a passenger on a plane bound for Detroit in 2009. That bomb malfunctioned and the would-be suicide bomber is now in prison.

Both devices are believed to be made by expert bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri, who is part of an al-Qaeda group in the country of Yemen.

Investigators say the newly-discovered bomb had no metal parts, so it would not have triggered a metal detector, but may have been caught by the full body scanners at 170 U.S. airports.

Officials say the plot to use the bomb was uncovered last month, and they nixed it before there was any real risk to the public.


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