New Year, New Jam


What do you listen to when you work out? Or, if you’re working on your new year’s ‘get healthier’ resolution, what are you going to play when you work out?

Listening to something while exercise is a great way to stay motivated and energized if you’re doing something that has a chance of getting tedious (hello, treadmill) plus it’s a proven mood booster, meaning that you’ll feel even better after your workout than you would have anyway. What’s not to like?

So here’s some good news for your new year workout! We have found your playlist. Partnership for a Healthier America has released Songs for a Healthier America featuring new music from some of your favorite artists, and ours, including Jordin Sparks, Ryan Beatty and Matisyahu. Better news? It’s free!

The tracks are designed to keep you moving, and since there are 18, there are more than enough to mix it up so you don’t listen to the same song more than once. So what are you waiting for? Go download it now!


5 comments on “New Year, New Jam

  1. Gabrel-Piercy

    when i work out i listen to country hip hop pop and dub-step. It keeps me going so i don’t get tired so easily.

  2. Mike Cat

    When I workout I usually listen to Opera music because it soothes my mind and gets me in the zone to give it my all


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