Johnathan martin
November 6, 2013

NFL Bullying


Scott: When you think of someone who gets bullied, you probably don’t think of a pro-football player. But a lineman from the Miami Dolphins is accusing his teammates of bullying, and Demetrius Pipkin has the story.

Demetrius: It sounds more like high school than pro football; a lunchroom prank that was the last straw for Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin. After the incident last week, Martin left the team. Teammate Richie Incognito is the accused ringleader behind the alleged bullying, which also included threats to Martin and his family and using racial slurs.

CBS sports analyst Jason La Confora says he has seen text messages Incognito sent to Martin.

Jason La Confora: Threats of, ‘I’m going to get your mother. I’m going to find your mother. I’m going to kill you.’ That is above and beyond the code, above and beyond what is accepted anywhere.

Demetrius: Incognito has been suspended and the NFL has launched an investigation.

Joe Philbin: If the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, I will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is.

Demetrius: Incognito’s tough record has not gone unnoticed. In fact, in his first four years, he led the league in unnecessary roughness penalties and was chosen by his peers as the dirtiest player in the NFL back in 2009. But Dolphins players said they didn’t notice any locker room bullying.

Mike Wallace: I don’t feel likely anybody was being bullied, hazed, none of that. I feel like we were doing things that football teams do – playing with your brothers.

Demetrius: Incognito tweeted Sunday, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”

Demetrius Pipkin, Channel One News.


6 comments on “NFL Bullying

  1. Lauren Totherow

    This is so harsh i cant believe people in the world would actually do this to one of there teammates. I hope that that guy gets to come back, but, he should have to sign a contract just to make sure that he doesn’t bully again.

  2. jazmyne-olson

    My favorite team. I don’t know why you’re doing this to each other, but a team is a team and they should stick together and once a team always a team.


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