No Guns Allowed?


Across the country, administrators, legislators and parents searching for answers in the gun debate. Proponents of new laws aimed at keeping people, and students in schools in particular safe, say the country must do something, while opponents argue that new laws will be ineffective, because any criminal will find a way to get a weapon if they want one.

Some argue that one possible solution is to assign armed security guards to schools, or to empower teachers to be armed to protect students. On the other side, people think that more weapons will lead to more deaths, because of accidents or a situation that quickly becomes out of control.

Despite the debate, some schools are already installing guards in schools or inviting teachers to conduct classes while armed. But what do you think? Would more guns at school make you feel safer, or does it just increase the opportunities for something bad to happen? Vote in the poll and leave a comment telling us what you think. Be sure to include your first name, age and state if you’d like your response to be used on the show.

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