Nuclear Detectives


You’re heard the phrase, “weapons of mass destruction” thousands of times, but how much do you really know about nuclear weapons and the politics surrounding them? Though there’s been a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear bomb testing in the past (meaning countries are not allowed to test weapons of mass destruction), North Korea tested two nuclear weapons in May 2009, sparking fear and controversy across the globe.

Since then, the Obama Administration and other countries have made an effort to make sure no one is able to set off a nuclear weapon any place in the world. However, despite global opposition, Iran has persisted with nuclear research, which they say is to support the power grid in their country.

In the past few weeks, tension over the issue has begun to grow, as Israel has said it would take action against Iran for it’s nuclear program without global, or even U.S., support and Republican Presidential candidates have said that the U.S. should take a stronger position against Iran’s activities.

For more on the facts about nuclear energy…and weapons, take the quiz and watch the videos below.

Nuclear Detectives

How much do you know about weapons of mass destruction?


Nuclear power plants work in much the same way traditional power plants do, but with ...

A look at the tension building between the countries and US involvement.


Which nations have weapons of mass destruction and how many.

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