The Associated Press
December 4, 2013

Numbers behind Christmas at the White House

Some numbers that help tell the story behind Christmas at the White House:


83: volunteers who spent Friday through Tuesday decorating public areas of the White House

33: states volunteers came from, plus the District of Columbia

16: volunteers who either served in the military or have a relative serving in the military

18.5: height, in feet, of Douglas fir from Crystal Springs Tree Farm in Lehighton, Pa., that is the official White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room

11: width, in feet, of Blue Room Christmas tree

24: Christmas trees visible on White House public tour route

1,000: yards of satin ribbon (approximate) used to make life-sized replicas of Obama family dogs Bo and Sunny

1,200: number of Springerle cookies (approximate) used to make the fireplace that supports the edible White House

300: pounds of bread dough (approximate) used to make the gingerbread White House

70,000: visitors (approximate) expected to visit White House during the holidays


Source: White House

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