Obamas Speech

Find out what viewers thought about the President's education speech.

Find out what viewers thought about the President’s education speech.


"I think many students could get some motivation to go to college from it. I did."

--Karlton, 17, North Carolina


"I think that the speech was great and I think it was cool that he still became president after he said that his life growing up was difficult."
--Adam, 11, South Carolina


"He should not be making speeches to kids he should be worried about the unemployment rate and the economy. "

--Ryan, 17, Georgia


"I think that a lot of people tell us to stay in school but when the president told us maybe more people will listen. If he can become the president without a dad and having to struggle with homework then none of us have an excuse.

I think that the president did a good thing yesterday telling us how important it is to stay in school but I also think that we know everyone wants us too but it's our choice. Not their's."

--Erika, 11, North Carolina


"I think it was really cool for President Obama to give all the students a speeh. Telling us stuff about stay in school and make something out of yourself and his parents got a divorce when he was two years old and he had been with a single mom for that long and that she did not go to college.

And he said, 'Don't do what your parents do you stay in school and go to college and make something good out of your life.'"

--Tiffany, 13, Kentucky


"I don't know why President Obama thinks this ONE speech will effect the ENTIRE U.S. It will take a lot more than that to persuade students to study and not to drop out of high school."

--Ali, 14, Indiana


"I thought that the president was right on everything we do need to focus more on our education it is a very important matter."

--Tayler, 14, Ohio


"I think it was OK but not an effective speech because just because Obama said to stay in school doesn't mean kids will listen. I know a lot of kids who talk back and they do whatever they want. A lot of kids are ignorant.
Trust me, they wouldn't listen the person they look up to the most said it. I don't think Obama can change that."
--Allisa, 12, Iowa


"I liked it it was good. I am glad they showed it in my class."

--Garrett, 13, Iowa

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