Adriana Diaz
February 18, 2012
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Oh No Fiasco


Even though they admit they don’t have a typical “Knoxville, Tennessee sound,” Oh No Fiasco has wooed music lovers in the country music state and beyond. This quintet indie/dance rock band was formed by vocalist Lindsey Stamey, guitarist Seth Rowlette, bassist Thomas Boyd, and brothers Colin and Kamryn Cunningham on the drums and keys respectively. They say their collective musical inspiration is Muse, but their individual muses range from Bob Dylan (Seth’s pick) to Michael Jackson (one of Lindsey’s idols).

Lindsey is known for how she mixes words with melodies but as a child she says her southern accent was so strong that she was put in speaking lessons (she can now do a pretty good English accent thanks to years of listening to British speech therapy tapes). Most of the band went to different high schools but they say they were all considered “the musician types” (except for Thomas, who was also known for his basketball skills).

The band stopped by Channel One at the tail-end of their summer tour, which took them from Michigan to Maryland. On the road the crew says they watch hit series like Dexter, and from time to time pop in the Best of Oprah DVD that Lindsey smuggled on board. Maybe that’s why this hard-hitting band also has a soft side. Listen to a few of their tracks below.

– Adriana Diaz


“Fly Me To The Moon”

“Where You Used to Be”




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