February 29, 2012

Ohio School Shooting

Friends and family are mourning the three teens who were killed.

Shelby: Now to an update on the deadly school shooting in Chardon, Ohio.

The high school which was the scene of this week’s tragedy is closed again today as the community tries to figure out how this could happen. Friends and family are mourning the three teens who were shot and killed after a 17-year-old suddenly started firing in the school’s cafeteria early Monday morning.

It is still not clear what might have set off the gunman. He chose his victims at random. This was not about bullying, this was not about drugs. This is someone who was not well.

Nate Mueller was one of the students who saw what happened. His ear was actually grazed by one of ten bullets that were fired.

Nate Mueller: It’s unimaginable. You don’t think of it happening to you.

Shelby: But many at Chardon High say the lockdown drills practiced at the high school before Monday’s shooting ended up saving lives.


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