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March 16, 2014
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Old Daisy

“It’s a great story,” shared one half of Old Daisy, Jonathan Jones. “I was touring with We Shot the Moon and she (Katy McAllister) was opening at the same venue as us in Phoenix. We were hanging out and it turned out she was a fan of another band I was in. We ended up doing an east coast tour together and after that, we both decided we wanted to be in a band together.”

“It was kind of a departure from what both of us had been doing. This was in 2012-ish. It took us about a year to write and record our debut EP,” long distance. “Katie lives in Nashville and I live in California, so we work together on the phone and Skype, which works because of the nature of what we do,” Jones explained. “It’s also been cool because you don’t get sick of the person,” he laughed.

feature-cover-old-daisy“Our writing process is the most collaborative of my career. Katie’s good with imagery and lyrics.” They write about “relationship stuff. Katie is ‘single and mingling’ while I’m married, but I was able to pull up stuff from the past and it was fun to take a combination of experiences and put them into one song.”

As far as recording, “for bands these days” Jones said, “the trend is to learn to play then immerse yourself in recording because that’s when the technical guy is there” and your counting the minutes of that time. “But technology is really empowering artists who to take the time to learn how to records yourself.” If you can do that, “you’ll be ahead of the curve and self-sufficient.”

For Old Daisy “we started it for the folk aspect, because we hadn’t done that before and anything else that happens is a bonus. There’s a major competition element between bands, so you want to be a part of as many things as possible. Be a sponge! Observe as many people as possible, and if someone asks you to be a part of something — do it and see what happens.”

Check out tracks from Jones and McAllister below, and keep up with the duo on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

“To Fall in Love with You”

“Blue Jeans & Tattoos”

“Dreaming in C”

“Without Me”



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