August 12, 2010

Olympic Pins


There’s a new craze sweeping the nation, and world! If you don’t know about it, you probably don’t have this season’s must-have accessory — Winter Olympic collector pins. Hundreds of pins are created to celebrate and honor the events of each set of Olympic games. For the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, you can find mascots like Quatchi carrying the Olympic torch or sports-specific pins that support your favorite athletes.

Even if you don’t have a ticket for the closing ceremonies in Vancouver, tons of pins are available on the official Winter Games website. For between $8 and $10 you too can pick out your fave from amongst the shiny and colorful designs and join in on this tradition celebrated by Olympic enthusiasts across the globe. Plus, you’ll be all set to trade at the 2014 games in Russia!

To find out more about pin collecting and to see some of the coolest from the 2010 Winter Games, check out the gallery below.


Meet Quatchi, a mascot for 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. According to the Winter Games online store, "This pin features Quatchi sporting the signature Vancouver 2010 Red Mittens and his blue earmuffs, and showcases the Vancouver 2010 Olympic emblem."


In this next photo, you can see a collector wearing his vest decorated in pins from the events.


In addition to the Mascot Series, there are more traditional pins like this one. As you can see, this pin features the flags of the countries in attendance and the Olympics logo. This type of Country Flags pin illustrates the diversity of the event and commemorates the nations who compete.


This image depicts the assortment of pins available for the 2010 Winter Games.


This next pin shows a specific sport, Ski Jumping. Very popular among athletes and fans alike, some of the specific sports pins are already sold out!


In this next photo, you can see the crowds gathering near the pin booth. Looks like once you get one, you have to return for more. I think the next photo will say it all....


The ultimate collector!

Click forward to see the coveted red mittens pin.


The pin to collect and trade at this year's Winter Games.


One of the many Olympic pins from the games in Torino.


Showcasing a famous animal from China, the panda eats bamboo on this pin from the 2008 games in Beijing.


In 2000, the Summer Games were held in Sidney, Australia.


The Nagano Winter Games of 1998 were held in Japan. This pin of two skaters is an example of one of the many pins bought and traded at the event.


The Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. This pen commemorates the games held on American soil.


An Olympic pin from the 1988 Olympics, the same year of Steven Fabian's pin that he collected at the 2010 Vancouver Games.


Winter Games goers go crazy for pins.

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