Karen Knapstein
October 3, 2011

On Our Radar


A few things we’re keeping an eye on this Monday morning:

I’m a little surprised there aren’t any pictures of this yet, but apparently the protesters in lower Manhattan are celebrating Halloween a little early this year, and have taken to dressing like zombies. UPDATE: There are now pictures available, and I’ve swapped the photo on this post to reflect that.

On Friday’s show, we told you about the controversial Alabama immigration law that gives law enforcement officials permission to ask anyone they suspect of being illegal to prove their citizenship. On Friday, educators around the state noticed that many Hispanic kids were missing from classrooms, leading them to speculate that the new law led parents to keep them home from school to avoid questions about a family’s immigration status.

Scientists have discovered a hole in the Ozone layer above the Arctic for the first time, caused by the same combination of environmental issues that created the “infamous” ozone gap over the Antarctic.

If you’ve watched Channel One for a while, you might remember us telling you about siblings Zac and Abby Sunderland, both of whom attempted to be the youngest around-the-world sailors. Zac succeeded in 2009 and Abby gave it a shot in 2010. Now, Zac and his dad are contestants on this season’s Amazing Race. Neat!

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