Karen Knapstein
January 12, 2014
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One Less Reason

“Be smart enough to know better and too dumb to quit,” shared One Less Reason’s vocalist Cris Brown when asked if he had any advice to share with future musicians. “If you can be successful, it brings freedom, but if you end up with the wrong kind of deal, it can can all go badly.”


For Brown and the band, now on their fifth album, they’ve found a degree of freedom. They came together in 2003 and have since played “thousands of shows — some to empty rooms. We’ve definitely been to the top of the hill, but we’ve also spent some at the bottom.” 

A Blueprint for Writhing “is a real record. All of our songs exist” he explained, because at one point or another “I have felt that way.” He became a musician because “I had something to say.”

Next up is some touring in the early part of the year, a possibly sixth, acoustic album, and ultimately for Brown, producing. “I own my recording studio. It’s a personal thing, and it’s something I’m going to do — find new bands and help them put music out.”

Check out tracks from One Less Reason below and keep up with the band on their website and Facebook page.

“Million Miles”

“All Beauty Fades”

“The Wrong One”




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