September 26, 2012

OneVote: Health Care


Scott: America has some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world. We spend more money on health care than any other advanced country. But we’re not healthier, and millions still can’t afford medical care. And as our team OneVote will tell you, health care is a campaign issue that’ll have a big impact on your generation.

Nyatan Bol: My dad actually gets chronic seizures, and so I’m just thinking what if he lost his job one day or what if his employer decided ‘oh, I don’t want to cover health care anymore.’ His medications are super expensive and I just think that sometimes people lose sight of that there are other people that may not be able to afford everything that they can.

Connor: In America today, we have a good health care system. However we have inherent problems with cost, inherent problems with the way our health care system is structured with the insurance agency. And that is why there has long been a call for comprehensive health care reform.

Scott: But what is the right kind of health care reform? Let’s see where the candidates stand.

President Obama: I did it because I believed it was good for the American people.

President Obama stands by the Affordable Care Act, a health care reform law often called Obamacare that was passed by congress in 2010. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies must cover people with pre-existing conditions. That means you can’t be turned away if you’re already sick. Young people can stay on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26. And the most controversial part of the law, which the Supreme Court upheld over the summer, requires most Americans to buy some form of health insurance or pay a penalty. If you can’t afford insurance, the government will help you pay for it.

The law requires the hospital industry, the medical profession, drug companies and other service providers to help control costs. Parts of the law are not yet in effect. President Obama says once they are, everyone in the country will have access to good quality health care.

Karolyn Erlertsen: I support Obamacare. It’s taking students a lot longer to graduate college than four years. They’re not finding jobs in this economy. Having the ability to stay on your parents’ health plan until you’re 26-years-old is extremely beneficial.

I like the notion of everyone having health care, and having access to doctors and medicine and everything that they need.

Nyatan: Obama accomplished what countless other presidents have been trying to do for decades now, and that was a remarkable feat on his end. I mean, I guess it could be tweaked a little bit and working out some of the kinks in the system, but it’s a great idea.

Mitt Romney says one of the first things he would do as president would be to repeal Obamacare.

Mitt Romney: I want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that will get the cost under control.

Scott: Romney says the federal government is too big and shouldn’t require people to buy something or pay a penalty.  He says it should be left up to the states to decide how to handle the issue.

When he was governor of Massachusetts, he proposed a similar program to Obamacare. He says while his program was the right thing to do at the state level, the President’s health care reform plan is an example of excessive government.

Romney also wants to bring in more private businesses to handle the medical insurance for the elderly and the poor. He says costs should be controlled by market competition, where private companies would compete to get your business by lowering prices to attract customers.

John Digiacobbe: Mitt Romney believes in a health care system that will be only through the private sector, giving assistance, of course, to those who are not able to afford but also letting individuals choose what type of system they want to have and by enabling them to choose the type of preferred health care that they want.

Connor: Mandating that everyone have to go purchase, buy, participate in the economy, buy a good or service, is something that I don’t believe that the government should be doing. It is an overstep of government power.


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