October 29, 2012

OneVote: Social Media

A look at how are social sites are affecting the campaigns.

Scott: What starts as a quick sound bite….

Mitt Romney: They brought us binders full of women.

Scott: …takes on a life of its own.

Social media and things like internet memes are among the new ways technology is impacting the elections. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. The campaigns have embraced social media and its free marketing.

Declan: It lets them bypass traditional media and say this is actually what we’re thinking. Lets them do very fast – push out very fast – responses to what the other guy is saying.

Scott: Both candidates are also using intense information gathering techniques known as data mining to go through all of your public info to collect key details on you as a potential voter. So, the new vegan tweeting about the farmers market might get a message from the Romney or Obama campaign about their take on environmental policy rather than something like foreign policy, which means those who help with the campaign, like volunteers – both on the phone and who go door-to-door – have similar, valuable information.

Andrew Rasiej: That volunteer has a profile of that woman and actually a script of what they are going to say to try to get her to go out and vote.

Scott: The tech isn’t just for candidates either. For voters, the apps and website options are almost endless.

If the congressional race is your thing, Congress Plus tells you every lawmaker’s voting history, the committees they serve on and even their contact info.

For those who like to dig for the deets themselves, Politwoops tracks tweets from elected officials – even deleted ones. After all, they do say once on the web it lives forever.

Scott Evans, Channel One News.


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