Karen Knapstein
February 20, 2014

Paid to Play?

A group of college football players are in a courtroom this week, arguing that instead of student-athletes, they should be considered employees of the schools they play for.

The players, led by former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter, also say that they’d like to form a labor union — the College Athlete Players Association — to fight for things like medical coverage, concussion protections and payments for commercial sponsorship.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) disagrees, however, saying that the “attempt to turn student athletes into employees undermines the purpose of college…and education” and that their “position is that they are students first and foremost, and that they are there on a scholarship. And the scholarships are there for their educational experience.”

But what do you think? Is a scholarship to school enough compensation for student athletes? Vote in the poll then leave a comment telling us why you voted like you did. 

13 comments on “Paid to Play?

    1. Babyd

      Yes, Football players are the reason that the fans come to the game. Athletes need money so they wont have to ask their parents or relatives for money every month.

  1. Phillip H

    Should college players be payed to play sports? No, i dont belevie they should because of these reasons number one: college sports are preparing you for the sports as a pro athlete. Also, you are playing the games you love to play. For the atheletes with scolarships you are basically already getting paid your just not seeing any of the money its all going to your educational reasons. those are the reasons why they should not get paid.

  2. Ethan

    No. they should not get paid they get PAID to go to college they get their education for free! their playing because they love the sport no they demand money really because other kids would love to be college football. their being greedy they should have money in the bank because they got into college for free

  3. J P

    They should be treated employees if they are used for commercial sponsorships. The NCAA says the main purpose of college is to get an education, but the NCAA’s main purpose is to make money off of the players. If a player’s likeness is being used to make money, then they should get some of that money. If the NCAA is serious about college being for their education, then they should donate that money back to the colleges and make sure every student has their tuition, room, and food paid for.

  4. Hipstamatic

    No colledge students shouldn’t be treated like employees, because most get full ride scholarships for being apart of something they would have to pay to do anywhere else. Also the colledge is providing them a service, not the other way around. The money that is gained from fans is money put towards giving scholarships, advertising, uniforms, the stadium. So why should money go to students? It shouldn’t

  5. Jane

    College athletes have full-paid scholarships, free medical help, and much, much more. With all these benefits, athletes have no reason to ask for more. They have great coaches, free sports gear, free use of top-of-the-line stadiums, and the chance to audition for the pros. Their scholarships include housing, free meals, extra fees being paid for, and free books. The students’ scholarships are worth as much as the average American makes in a year. This free education leads student athletes not only to sports, but to more financial freedom in later years without having to pay off college debt. The sports teams at colleges also get to travel the world with their teammates. There are many tournaments overseas, and many teams travel for publicity. These opportunities provide the students with more than many people have ever gotten. The students don’t need any more payment.

  6. Ashley Powell

    If football players argue they should be paid, all collegiate athletes should be paid. In football there are players who don’t dress. I do not think paying players is correct. Paying them and they still get a full ride meals included. I like the idea that the money left over goes into a large pot for students who are less fortunate.


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