Karen Knapstein
April 25, 2014

Paper for Planting

Schools and students go through a lot of paper. And at the end of the day, a lot of it goes into the garbage before eventually ending up in a landfill, which is not so great. The good news is that paper is biodegradable and it will eventually and that there are lots of recycled paper options out there.

But what if you could do one better? Botanical Paperworks sell seed paper to be used for paper stuff like invitations, greeting cards and craft projects. When you’re done, you bury it and four to six weeks later — your project sprouts! And while it might not be an everyday thing like the notebook paper you use at school, it’s a start.

We want to know what you think.¬†Are you going to start burying last semester’s notes in the backyard? What do you think? Vote in the poll to weigh in!

44 comments on “Paper for Planting

  1. Andrew Jensen

    I think that using paper that you could plant is the next big thing. I think that this could help reduce the amount of waste that goes into a landfill. Schools could use this to create a school garden and grow fresh veggies for the school lunch. It would be a win for the garbage company, the school, and the students.

  2. Mazzy

    I think it’s a good idea because people throw away paper all the time and now we can use it for something elts

  3. marty marshall

    i think it would be cool idea because you could give them out at funerals as funeral cards to remember your loved ones it would be cool to have a tree in your backyard that was your loved ones!!

  4. Thomas D.-Hall Jr.

    No, it would just waste paper that could be recycled. If you want to plant plants, use the actual seeds. Plus it is really really stupid to buy a piece of paper just for planting seeds

  5. Sophie Grimaud

    This is a great idea! I waste a lot of paper during the day and I love to garden, so I think this idea is pretty cool!!!

  6. Chandler Kelly

    I believe it is a good idea because it can save the environment, time and money. It will help the world/Earth be a better place.

  7. Mia

    I believe that this idea is absolute genius! For years, biodegradable paper has been wasted. Think of scarps when cutting art projects; they all just go into the trash without a second glance. And if you address an envelope incorrectly in pen, it goes straight in a landfill. But this brilliant invention will greatly minimize our carbon footprint.

  8. Bobby George

    I think this it a pretty bad idea. First of all, it is too hard to understand, why would you write on paper with plants growing out of it! I might buy it if it can plant different seeds like sunflower seeds.

  9. Myrtle Ann Jo

    Yeah its biodigratable BUT it can get torn up or wrecked easliy. I don’t want to write on paper that grows a plant!!!

  10. Kyrstie Corwin-Hicks

    I think this will be great! Its one of the best things you could re-use for something like this.

  11. Madison

    It would be a great ideas to do this. First we are saving the planet. Second we can have paper in our own back yard. Imagine all of the trees you can be saving.

  12. Raul

    I Think Yes Cause It Can Be Useful To Student’s and Any One else that might use it. Also give students experiment this Useful. Like me i would love and experiment Paper Planting.

  13. Cali-Wentz

    YES!!! There was always a problem with people wasting paper, well this is a fun and easy way to not waste paper.


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