Karen Knapstein
October 31, 2013

Paper Thin

This idea for the next big thing is a tool that you can use to be creative but that takes up just a little more space than a plain sheet of paper, which it kind of resembles.

But the world’s thinnest keyboard can do more than just let you type in letters. It also serves as a mouse and can react to the kinds of hand gestures you might expect from a tablet. If you need to take it with you, it can be slipped in between the pages of a notebook where it will also transcribe handing or notes. Pretty cool, right?

Created by Cambridge Silicon Radio, it’s currently a prototype, but it could be available to connect wirelessly to your devices within a year. So what do you think? Is this super thin keyboard the wave of the future? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

111 comments on “Paper Thin

      1. dylan wright

        This will not be the next big thing. Because I thing it’s not worth it and it’s destroying trees and wasting them.

      1. My name is Bob

        I don’tthink it is a good idea, i think it is quite stupid. WHY DOES THE WORLD NEED TO WASTE PAPER? YOU ARE WASTING TREES! VOTE NO!

    1. Ashlieh Calderon

      I say its good and bad because its good that the keyboard is able to take any where. But bad because it might break.

  1. Alexis

    I think that the paper thin keyboard should be made instead of the old keyboards because it will equal less pollution in the world and it doesn’t take as much work. It will also not make noise because it’s so thin. I think the paper thin is the next big thin so….. THIN ON!!!!

    1. jake spray

      the thin paper keyboard is going to be the next big thing cause people like the features of the ipad but they wont a small keyboard this is brilliant:):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Matthew L.

      Typing is hard enough with raised keys.
      Now your going to flatten the keys down so you
      can’t even feel the keys. I have a habit when typing
      to accidentally almost press other keys. Now with these
      paper thin keyboards, typing is going to be horrible.
      Not to mention the fact if wasting trees while you have
      perfectly good raised key keyboards. That’s only my
      side, but in my opinion…… THICK ON!!!

  2. Victoria

    with this you can have a digital copy of your notes and schoolwork/homework. If i had a tablet i would get this especially when i have a hard time of keeping track of my work.

  3. Mrs. Goodman's class

    We think this is a good idea because of its portability, easy to use, and super thin. We are concerned that this is not durable and could break easily. You could cut it with scissors and maybe snap it in half with little effort.

    1. Piink-Bows

      That’s almost exactly what I was saying. What’s the point of buying something that could cost so much, if it would break so quickly? Its like ripping your money.

  4. Brook

    I could really use it that, but I wish it could work for iPad mini’s too. I have a case that has a key pad, but it makes my iPad mini big. So this key pad can help me out a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kaylee Heinze

    I thing this will be the next big thing becuase the thin paper will fit in a folder and it is easy to take with you. Type me up!

  6. Joanna

    I think the paper thin keyboard is an amazing idea! It means a lot less pollution and its way less noisy than a regular keyboard. With this technology we won’t even need computers anymore… but can it work on computers too?

  7. Maura

    I have a Nexus and I have wanted something like this to come out ever since I got my Nexus. It would make me feel like I still had my laptop. This is totally the next big thing.

  8. jaianna

    I think its the next big thing and I WANT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. collin Holzberger

    this is awsome i always use my friends keyboard at school and i hope i get this so i can stop annoying her lol

  10. Rebekah-Patterson

    I think ultimately is a good idea. But there is one con to it. The keyboard is so thin that it could get lost easily. I lose paper a lot because it’s so flimsy, but other than that, when it is made available, I will definitely get one!

  11. Aria Brown

    I think this is the next big thing, because it is easy to transport from place to place. Transportability is the key.

  12. Noah

    This new keyboard sounds awesome! I think it will benifit people who have a hard time using the keyboards on all of our favorite devices!

  13. lindsey-taglauer

    I think it’s the next big thing because what they said in the description it can fit in a notebook/binder because of its thinness
    – Lindsey Taglauer

  14. lindsey-taglauer

    I think it’s the next big thing because what they said in the description it can fit in a notebook/binder cause it’s so incredibly thin!! – Lindsey Taglauer

  15. Grayson Reed

    i think its awesome!!!!! it will totaly be the next big thing!!!! it will cause less noise wile typing, so if you are using it in class it wont distract other people from what ever they are doing. And it is smaller so it will use materals, it wil save mother earth. BUT WHERE DO YOU PUT THE BATTERIES IN??????

  16. Lyndsey

    I think that this is NOT the next big thing. Bending a piece of loose leaf paper is extremely easy. If you bend this product, you could effect how you type.

  17. Iule

    Aren’t thin, screen touch devices like those really fragile, though? That is a huge disadvantage. It can even discourage people from buying it.

  18. Joscelyn

    I dont think it’s “The Next Big Thing” only because it’s just going to cost more. And it’s easier just to buy the entire electronic instead of buying a completely different thing! :)

  19. kalise-jones

    i am the only one in my class that actually thinks this stuff is cool, all the other kids just want our teacher to play it so she has less time to teach >:(

  20. Mia Castaneda

    I couldn`t choose YES or NO.
    YES because this takes up less space.
    No because what if you fold it or accidently throw it away is it recycable?

  21. Galen Baker

    This has almost no use, the idea may be good but in reality, what’s the point when we have keyboards on our tablets phone, etc.?

  22. Elise D

    I think it is a great idea because students my age are always on computers when they aren’t doing anything else. If more and more children got “Paper Thin”, it could possibly become more popular than regular portable computers which is a good thing.

  23. Alana-Gibson

    Yes! I think paper thin is the next big thin because you can use it any where you like! Like at school or office! Kids and their parents can use them!

  24. Madalyn-kramer

    I think this is a great idea you could take it anywhere and it fits in a backpack and its good for tablets smartphones i love the idea keep the good ideas rolling!!!!

  25. Shelby

    I don’t think this is a good idea. It will cost so much and there’s not a big point in this because the electronics are already the big thing in the world.

  26. Holliebug

    Yes it would be easy to store, but how much?? If it’s more that $30 then it’s not worth it. And is it flexible? If not then it will probably be very fragile.

  27. joanne wilson

    I think it be good cause it is just paper and easier to carry around and it is the next big thing causes its just soooo cool………………

  28. kahleel

    I think that it should be the next big thing because if u don’t like typing on the key board
    it gives u it is not hard to use it at all

  29. T-M

    i think it is not the next big thing because it is so thin that it would tear or rip. you couldn’t sit it any where other than a table. it would probably be harder to use where it’s so small and thin.

  30. Hannah-Marks

    I believe it is because using the real keyboards are just a waste of space. The only issue is the price, and what if you lose it?

  31. Lyndsey

    This new product would be great for numerous consumers, personally I had really thought if this was going to be the next big thing. This was quite cool and making it thin was even better. If this was released I would definitely buy it. But what I’m really concerned about is price. – Lyndsey Powell middle.

  32. Addy Rieken

    I have to say no because what if you lose the little piece of paper? Also it is not thick it could rip very easily.


    I think that its a great idea if they had a type of device to help find the item, but all in all it’s a preety good inovation in technology for todays future.

  34. Hannah-MIddleton

    I don’t think it’s a good idea because if it’s paper thin it will probably break or tear very easily, and that means people can connect to any computer or tablet around them, even if it’s not yours. So someone random near you could connect their keyboard to your device and you couldn’t stop them.

  35. Patrice

    No, it’s probably hard to type on. It’s hard enough to type on a flat screen, so typing on an almost non-existent piece of paper would probably cause a lot of misspellings. And it could probably be easily ripped or broken if it’s that thin, as well as lost.

  36. Ayla Mondry

    I definitely think a paper thin keyboard is the next big thing because of how easy it would be to carry it from one place to another without trying not to drop it. It would also make it easier to type as well!

  37. Addy Rieken

    I would vote no because if it really is paper thin it would tear very easy. Also if is is wireless you could connect to any tech devise near you. Also if you stick it some place you might lose it because of its thinness.


    it says that the keyboard resembles a piece of paper, NOT that is made of paper! Plus i think that this is the next big thing.

  39. Grace Rudder

    This would be such a big help at school because the teachers could give you one and all you would have to do is keep it safe in a notebook or something! This is AWESOME!

  40. Hannah Thompson

    I don’t think it’s the next big thing,because it’s way easier to loose a keyboard as thin as paper than a normal keyboard.

  41. Hannah Thompson

    I think it is not the next big thing,because it’s way easier to loose a keyboard as thin as paper than a normal keyboard

  42. Olivia W.

    Since teens are always on their phones, typing and scrolling through their social media, The paper thin keyboard would prevent them from having to type on their phones little screen!


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