Passport: Ghana


Akwaaba! Welcome to Passport: Ghana. Experience the intense culture and beauty of West Africa. From wood carvings and bright, eclectic fabrics, to the clamor and scent of the market place, Ghana is an adventure in sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

Take a little tour of Ghana with the slideshow below, and through this quiz, explore the historical roots, developing democracy and social concerns of this young and proud country.

Traveling to Ghana

Learn more about this West African nation. Get traveling tips and some inside info on the history of    Ghana.


This serene memorial is located in Accra, the capital of Ghana. It celebrates the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkamurah and his values of progress and tradition.


Here, a statue of Nkamurah points towards the future of the nation, marking the importance of his belief in the future of Ghana as a democracy.


In Accra, there are markets like this one where fresh goods and other materials like fabric are sold. In the marketplace, there are not price tags on food items like a grocery store. Most buying and selling occurs with bartering, when the customer and seller negotiate a price.


When combing the crowded aisles of the market there are many exotic food choices like these large snails, pictured here.


The Ghanaian flag represents many aspects of the nation's history. The red stripe symbolizes the blood lost in battles for independence from colonial rule. The yellow represents their biggest export: gold. The green honors the nation's great agriculture and the black star pays homage to the Black Star Line, a shipping company established by Marcus Garvey.


Though Ghana is a democracy, many of its media outlets are owned by the government. Some believe this is the government's right, while others believe it is an attempt to control public opinion.


Kumasi is a large city where much of Ghana's culture resides. Much art, music and dance originates in the city and is enjoyed across the country.


One of the main sites in Kumasi is the market. As the largest open-air market of West Africa, it's an amazing site, with thousands of vendors and shoppers cascading across the city.


A favorite bird of the ancient tribes of Ghana, the Ashanti.


Elmina is a historic fishing village on the coast of Ghana. Elimina is also home to a slave castle that has become a reminder of the slave trade and its harrowing truths.

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