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In 1981, more than 750 million people watched Prince Charles marry Diana at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the highest point in London. On Friday, more than two billion tuned in to watch their son, William, marry Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

Explore the city of London with our interactive map and videos, then find out who came before Queen Elizabeth as the British Monarch in our royal timeline. You can also test yourself on your knowledge of the King’s English in our quiz about Britishisms before finding out which young queen from history is most like you. Finally, for an inside look at the big day, don’t miss our behind the scenes pics from Shelby Holliday and Evan Groll direct from London.




  • charles-secondKing Charles II

    Born in 1630, Charles was crowned in 1661. He married Catherine of Braganza and had three children, all of whom died in infancy. He died in 1685.

  • james-secondKing James II

    James Stuart was born in 1633 and crowned in 1685. He was married to Anne Hyde, and had 8 children, including Mary and Anne. He died in 1701.

  • william-thirdKing William III

    William Henry Stuart was born in 1650 and crowned in 1689. He married Mary, daughter of James II, in 1677. William died in 1702.

  • mary-secondQueen Mary II

    Mary Stuart was born in 1662 and crowned in 1689. She married William, son of William II of Orange in 1677. Mary died in 1694.

  • anneQueen Anne

    Anne Stuart was born in 1665 and crowned in 1702. She married George and had 18 children, of whom only one, William, survived to the age of 12. She died in 1714.

  • george-firstKing George I

    George was born in 1660 and was crowned in 1714 at Westminster Abbey. He married Sophia Dorothea of Celle and had one son and one daughter. He died in 1727.

  • george-secondKing George II

    George Augustus was born in 1683 and was crowned in 1727. He married Caroline and had four sons and five daughters together. He died in 1760.

  • King George III

    George William Frederick was born in 1738 and crowned in 1761. He married Charlotte, and had ten sons, including George IV and William IV, and six daughters. He died in 1820.

  • george-fourthKing George IV

    George Augustus Frederick was born in 1762 and crowned in 1821. He married Caroline, daughter of Duke of Brunswick and had one daughter. He died in 1830.

  • william-fourthKing William IV

    William Henry was born in 1765 and crowned in 1831 after his brother George passed away. He married Adelaide and had four children, none of whom survived infancy. He died in 1837.

  • victoriaQueen Victoria

    Alexandrina Victoria was born in 1819 and was crowned in 1838. She married Albert in 1840 and had four sons including Edward VII, and five daughters. She died in 1901.

  • edward-seventhKing Edward VII

    Albert Edward was born in 1841 and crowned in 1902. He married Alexandra and had three sons including George V, and three daughters. He died in 1910 at 68 years old.

  • george-fifthKing George V

    George Frederick Ernest Albert was born in 1865 and was crowned in 1911. He married Mary and had five sons, including Edward VIII and George VI, and one daughter. He died in 1936.

  • george-sixthKing George VI

    Albert Frederick Arthur George was born in 1895 and was crowned in 1937. He married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. They had two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret. He died in 1952.

  • elizabeth-secondQueen Elizabeth II

    Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born in 1926 and was crowned in 1953. She married Philip Mountbatten in 1947 and they have four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.