8 comments on “Bullying

  1. Jessica

    I think every school should have a anti bullying program because bullying is horrible. It doesn’t matter what people look like. Everybody should be treated the same.

  2. Mrs. Jeffries' Advisory Class

    We think that schools should continue to show bullying videos. Students need to see how seriously hurtful bullying can be to the victim. These videos also show how others can be affected – such as parents and bystanders. We also think it’s important for everyone to know exactly what makes a situation bullying.

  3. jacob

    I believe the bullying progam at our school does little to actually stop the bullying. It just makes them feel better about it; it gives them comfort. I believe this is a false comfort myself.

  4. 2013-8-12-Daniel-Folk

    Mr. Folk’s 1st period class feels that the anti-bullying video helps some learn new ways to bully; however, it may help some learn what they are doing to others. They think that maybe they should show the small stuff bullying includes, but also stress good character and simple ways of being nice and making people’s days better.

    Estill County Middle School Irvine KY

  5. aaron-barkley

    i think that teachers should show bully videos because they help show real problems without giving away who the real bully is

  6. linda

    Bully programs only work if the students are involved. Problem is bullying happens is for several diffrent reasons. Some kids bully other kids to deal with inside anger that comes from home conflict. Others do it for the attention because they feel alone so they thy to get other people to notice them and most times some kids just feel they need power. The only true way to fix bullying is to fix the bully themselves. In order to fix any problem you have to go to the very start of it. Another thing is we need to be aware of what bullying really is. Some people just like to play around and pick on their friends in a brotherly/ sisterly way.

  7. Ciara-Hughes

    I think Bullying is the worst thing that could happen to anybody. A lot of people In my school, CMS, bully. At my school, I see at least 18 people getting bullied and I want/need to do something about it if nobody else will.

  8. Brandon Chavier

    I’m 16 and am in High school and I get bullied everyday. And what I think, the Anti-Bullying Program is a Good idea. Because it teaches students how to react and respond to a bully that is teasing you, beating you, etc. But I also say that the Anti-Bullying Program is bad. When teachers show the videos about it to the whole class, it is showing everybody in the room how to react to a bully. In the mean time, most classes have bullies. And when the video is being shown, it is showing the bullies different ways of bullying kids. And kids get hurt. I say the Anti-Bullying program is a half and half voting of good and bad.


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