February 15, 2012
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Peligro 614


“Being in front of people, and doing what we love every day — it’s unbelievable. There’s nothing like it,” explained band member Chandler Eggleston.

For these five high schoolers, nothing else matters but having fun and making music that they love. After winning the 2011 School Jam USA Battle of the Bands, the boys have already travelled to many places around the globe. Peligro 614 has a growing popularity all over the country, and even in Germany where they performed this month. They were awarded the “Best Teen Band in USA,” and lead guitarist Jon Suh was given the “Best Guitarist” award at the Battle of the Bands competition.

Originally from Gahanna, OH, the band met at their school and shared the love of classic rock. Some of their favorite bands are long gone, but not forgotten by Peligro 614. They love doing classic covers by Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses and many other famous rock artists.

Although they love playing in front of thousands of people, they never stray from their support in Ohio, still playing in basements and local venues. Band member Luke Hatfield explained that “living in a small town, there wasn’t a whole lot to do. A lot of us got into sports when we were younger, but ultimately, we all knew that music was our real passion.”

Of course, like many teenage boys, they love pizza and hanging out with their friends, but their lives are all about their music. They practice every day after school, and hope to release albums and continue to play for years to come. Ultimately, they strive for fame and fortune, opening for bigger bands, and putting their small town of Gahanna on the map.

After winning Battle of the Bands, Peligro 614 was awarded $5,000 for their high school, Gahanna Lincoln, and hope that the school will use it to help young artists like themselves get the opportunities that they deserve.

– Ariel Nicastro

“Lay it Down”

“Hollywood Red”

“My Satisfaction”




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