February 5, 2013

Pentagon Seeking Hackers

The gov't is seeking out computer security experts to safeguard America's online infrastructure.

Jessica: Twitter is just the latest victim of a cyber attack. The social networking service revealed hackers may have gained access to as many as 250,000 user accounts.

This comes days after the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times revealed hackers infiltrated all three news organizations.

Merkel: No matter what you spend or what you do, there is always some size of gap. And if there is an attacker that is sufficiently motivated, that’s persistent, that’s dedicated to stealing what you have, they will succeed.

Jessica: It is one of the reasons why the U.S. government is looking for a few good men and women. They want to assemble the largest cyber army ever created. Their mission? Among other things, launching cyber attacks, defending against enemy cyber attacks and protecting America’s infrastructure such as transportation systems, telecommunications, and power plants.

Shawn Henry: There are estimates that there are attempted breaches in the millions of times per day. They’ll just continuously knock until they find an edge to get in.

Jessica: The Pentagon plans to add 4,000 people to its cyber command. The Department of Homeland Security will also add 600 more positions.

You may be surprised at who the government is hiring – hackers themselves! Government officials are going to events such as DEF CON, an annual hackers convention, to convince those who have the skills to use them to help protect America’s cyber system.

Government officials are also setting up cyber camps, competitions, scholarships and internships for high school and college students. They are looking for the best and brightest to fight in this digital battlefield.


One comment on “Pentagon Seeking Hackers

  1. Miguel Hsu

    Hackers can use you IP address, Your Internets custom wireless signal. Hackers can Leech your IP and then “Break” it by jamming the signal. You probably can get some IP protector equipment, but it just disguises your IP a something else. Your IP is just a bunch of numbers, ###.###.###.###:####. That’s what some hackers can do! And guess what, ITS COMPLETELY LEGAL. Yeah. Why is there no law for that? maybe that can be a different topic.


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