November 22, 2009

Physical Fitness


With growing teen obesity rates, many are trying to find ways to trim the waistlines of youth across the country. Some colleges may impose physical fitness requirements related to BMI and grade point average.

What do you think about this new effort to get teens to shed pounds? Tell us below.


"I think, yes, because some students don't know what healthy and unhealthy is. So colleges should have a class to get healthy, lose weight and lower the chance of having heart failure, diabetes, cancer and other health problems. "

--Kalli, 12, PA


"Students should have to take a class so they know how to prevent diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and other sicknesses."

--Denisse, 11, CA


"I think colleges should get involved in physical fitness because it helps strengthen and keeps grade your point average GOOD and for some people it's wonderful."

--Kathleen, 12


"No, it's none of their business to tell people how to treat their bodies."

Alyssa, 17, KS


"I think that all schools should care about peoples fitness because people could be inspired and want to change their appearance."

--Macy, 11, MI


"I believe that we should get involved in Physical Education because some people just need that little push to get healthy. I just think the class you have to pass is just a little much and can be humiliating to some people."

Kristen, 14, UT


"I think colleges should enforce fitness because some people watch TV to much and do not go outside and play with their friends and play sports. I play outside for at least two hours every day. I think people should run more and play outside."

--Nate, 12, OH


"It's dumb. It's a free country we should be able to do what we want if it doesn't hurt anyone else or break a law."

--Tyler, 12, IA


"Absolutely! This is going to help better equip students to live a healthier lifestyle and it's going to keep you're mind off school work. Can't go wrong with it."

--Fred, 17, CA

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