Pitch Counts


Major league baseball players get paid millions to play the game, and they have a staff of professional coaches, trainers and doctors watching out for them on the field.

Young pitchers do not. But between school teams, travel teams and every other kind of team, some young pitchers are finding that their injuries are comparable to those of big league players.

To combat this problem, some New York high schools are limiting the number of pitches each player can throw. Those who are against the limits feel that high school coaches can care for their teams on an individual basis and don’t need these guidelines.

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"I think there should be a limit to how many pitches a person should have because if not then the new generation of people will have bad arms." -- Tori, NC, 14


"The people who say there should be a pitch count aren't the pitchers. No competitive athlete will ever want to do less than their maximum." -- Jon, AZ, 17


"I believe there should be limits on high school pitchers because if a pitcher damages his/her arm so badly." -- Dalton, IL, 16


"I think that there should be a limit so people won't get injured as often. Maybe coaches could have several people pitch in the games." -- Harry, PA, 13


"I think the coaches know whats best for their players based on how well they can take the pain and pressure. It's all up to the coach and his opinion." -- Heidi, NM, 12


"I'm a high school baseball team's student manager. Our coach tracks pitches every game Rarely do our pitchers exceed 100 pitches in a game." -- Callie, MO, 16


"I think that there should be a limit on pitches per player because if there is no limit like there is now that could lead to serious shoulder injuries." -- Christian, SD, 15

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