Political Party Predictor


Life is full of decisions. Paper or plastic? Cash or credit? Democrat or Republican? We’ll help you with the last one. (You are on your own with the other choices.)

It's My Party

Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

3 comments on “Political Party Predictor

  1. megan l

    I am not a republican or a democrat, I am somewhere in the middle. I believe in some things that republicans believe in, and some things democrat. I use my own gut and do what I think is right, not just which ever party I am. I am a person, not a letter.

  2. Amber

    Liberal… Right here… I have taken so many quizzes like these and when it says one I’ll take it again with only the slightest variation in answer and then it’ll say I’m the other. I’ve looked up what it means to be both, and I’ve looked up what it means to be liberal. I agree with liberal 99% of the way. Thank you though! :)

    1. don't use wikipedia, Amber

      Amber are you serious, do more research. I you are rascist then you can agree with them but if not then you should check out the history of the democrats and what they thought about slaves around the civil war time

      just no,, no


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