Polo, known as “the sport of kings,” is a luxury sport that is also a favorite pastime of a famous modern-day prince. And, like Prince Harry of Wales, who can be found playing the game when not deployed with the British military, the sport has roots in military training too.

The modern game, developed in India, was eventually adopted by the British who soon gave it an aristocratic air, which makes sense, given that polo is an expensive sport to play because of the care and attention horses require.

Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, is leveraging the prestige of the sport to support some of the world’s least fortunate — vulnerable children and AIDS orphans living in the tiny African nation Lesotho. Harry spent part of his gap year working in the country. Learn more about the charity and the polo match in the video below, then find out what a “chukker” is with our quiz all about the game.



This program teaches Philly teens to play the "sport of kings."

How this Polo player (and model!) gives back.

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