October 18, 2011

Pop Quiz: Cats

Salma Hayek is here for today's pop quiz.

Salma Hayek: In my new movie, Puss in Boots, I play a street-savvy cat that teams-up with Puss in Boots for a wild adventure. And since the stars of the movie are cats, let’s see how much you know about them.

Of course, cats weren’t always friends with humans but were domesticated by an ancient people.

Your question is:

Which culture is credited with domesticating cats? Is it:

A. Ancient Greece

B. Ancient Mesopotamia

C. Ancient Egypt

D. Ancient Rome

You have got ten seconds.

Time’s up! The answer is “C,” ancient Egypt.┬áNow, Channel One has more facts about felines.

That is right. Many believe that the domestication of cats — that is, keeping cats as pets — began around 1,500 B.C. in Egypt. That is 3,500 years ago!

While some believe that humans started keeping cats as pets long before that, it is known that cats were very useful in protecting crops, especially grains that were harvested along the Nile river from rodents. In other words, cats and mice have been going at it for a very long time!

Cats are now the most popular domesticated animal, slightly outpacing their arch enemy, and man’s best friend, the dog. Thanks for having me.



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