May 23, 2012

Pop Quiz Challenge 2012


Scott: Hey, everybody! I am Scott Evans.

Jessica: I am Jessica Kumari.

Shelby: And I am Shelby Holliday.

Scott: And we are here at Providence High in Burbank, California for our third annual pop quiz show where we see just how well you have followed the news this year. And we put twelve teens and their ABC Family captains to the test. So, there is no time to waste! The third annual Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge starts right now! Before we get going, let’s meet our teams.

Kaitlyn: Hi! I’m Kaitlyn Jenkins with Bunheads, and on my team, we have Emily from Fresno, California; Jake from Colorado Springs, Colorado and Matt from Brazil, Indiana.

Meagan: Hey, guys! I’m Meagan Tandy from Jane by Design, and on my team, we have Bryanna from Indianapolis, Indiana and Donald who is also from Indianapolis and Ebony from Fairfield, Alabama.

Ken: What’s up, everyone! This is Ken Baumann representing The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and on my team, we have Ashley from Greenville, Ohio and also from Ohio, Joey from Fremont and Josh from Laplace, Louisiana.

Keegan: Hi! I’m Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars, and on my team, we have Katelynn from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Steven from Clifton, New Jersey and Destiny from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Scott: Alright, guys. Good luck! Now, the rules are simple. Hard questions are worth more than easy ones. The team with the most points is the winner. Here is your first question worth 500 points.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager, is raising questions about what Florida state law? Is it:

A. Stand Your Ground

B. To Each His Own

C. Right to Bear Arms

D. Right to Fight

Let’s see those answers.

The answer is “A,” the Stand Your Ground law.

Team … got it right. Team … got it wrong.

Alright, now over to Jessica in the stands.

Jessica: The population of the world hit a new high last fall. What is the world’s population? Is it:

A. 300 million

B. 23 billion

C. 7 billion

D. 12 billion

Scott: Let’s see those answers, teams.

Alright the answer is “C,” 7 billion.

Got it right.

Next question for 100 points.

North Korea’s longtime dictator died in December. Who is the new leader of North Korea?

A. Moammar Qaddafi

B. Ban ki-Moon

C. Kim Jong-il

D. Kim Jong-un

Let’s see those answers.

The answer is “D,” Kim Jong-un.

Bunheads and Pretty Little Liars get it right. American Teen and Jane by Design get it wrong.

Now, shelby, you are up next in the stands.

Shelby: I am here with Celina, who has a map question worth 500 points.

Celina: Which country highlighted on this map is Syria? A, B, C, or D?

Scott: Let’s see what you got.

The answer is “D.”

Pretty Little Liars  got it wrong.

Great first round! And these are the standings: Bunheads lead with 1,400. Purple and green teams are tied. Pretty Little Liars last. It is still anyone’s game to win.

ABC Family: ABC Family presents today’s Pop Quiz Challenge.

Jessica: Welcome back to the Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge. Team Bunhead is in the lead and team Pretty Little Liars is looking to make a comeback. So, let’s get right to it.

Five men accused of planning the September 11th attacks are being tried in a military court. For 300 points, where is the trial for the 9-11 attacks being held? Is it at:

A. Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

B. The Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

C. Fort Hood Army base in Texas

D. The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York

Show us those answers

Ok. The answer is “B,” the Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Everyone got it right! Now, over to Scott.

Scott: The government is investigating one of the nation’s largest banks after it lost billions in bad investments. Which bank recently lost $2 billion in bad trades?

A. Bank of America

B. Wells Fargo

C. Goldman Sachs

D. JP Morgan Chase

Jessica: Show us those answers.

Everyone got it right! The answer is “D,” JP Morgan Chase.

Now, we have a video question from Matt Atkinson from Jane by Design.

Matt: This year, we told you about something happening on the sun that could mess with your cell phones or GPS. What phenomenon on the sun causes the Earth to get hit with massive amounts of radiation? Is it:

A. Solar flare

B. Solar ray

C. Gamma ray

D. Radiation event

Jessica: Alright. It is time to hold up your answers.

The answer is “A,” solar flare.

That puts team Bunheads in the lead. But you never know what is going to happen because the teams can risk it all in the final round!

Shelby: Alright, everybody. It is the final round of the Pop Quiz Challenge. Team Bunheads is in the lead but the other teams aren’t far behind. But this is the game-changing moment because the teams can risk some of their points or they can risk it all. Now, they already put in their wagers, so here is the question.

Who won the most votes in the Iowa Republican caucus in January?

A. Mitt Romney

B. Rick Santorum

C. Ron Paul

D. Newt Gingrich

Ok. You have got your answers. Let’s first check in with the Pretty Little Liars team. They were in last place coming into this final round.

What did you guys wager?

Let’s see your answer.

Team American Life, what was your wager?


Let’s see your answer.

Right. Leaving your total at 4,000 points.

Team Jane by Design, first, let’s see what your team wagered.

What was your answer?

Wrong. Leaving your total at 0 points.

And last but not least, the team that was in first place, what was your wager?

What was your answer


How much did you guys wager?

So, that leaves you at 4,100 points.

We have a winner! With 4,100 points, team Bunheads, congratulations!

Now, guys, tell us. How does it feel to be crowned Pop Quiz master?

Scott: As the Pop Quiz masters, each of the students will be receiving $500 to put towards their education!

Jessica: Thanks to Providence High School for having us. And thank you ABC Family!



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