April 18, 2013

Pop Quiz Challenge Warm Up Two

We’ve got another question to test your memory.

Kylie Bunbury: Hey, guys. I’m Kylie Bunbury from the new ABC family series Twisted, premiering this June. I’ve got your next Pop Quiz Challenge question. So, let’s see what you know.

Mitt Romney was the Republican candidate for president. But who was Mitt Romney’s running mate? Was it:

A. Newt Gingrich

B. Sarah Palin

C. Paul Ryan

D. Herman Cain

Take five seconds.

Time’s up! The answer is “C,” Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan is a congressman from Wisconsin and is known for his work on the federal budget. He is also known for his P90X workouts at the gym.

You get that one? Be sure to head to and enter for a chance to host the Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge at your school. Bye!


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