December 8, 2011

Pop Quiz: Driver’s Licenses

Andy Grammer has a question for you.

Andy Grammer: What’s up? My name is Andy Grammer. Great to be talking to you this morning! A little bit about myself? I’m currently on tour with Colbie Caillat, I can’t ever get enough pizza, and I used to play soccer when I was younger.

And now it’s time for your pop quiz!

Pop quiz question number one: There’s a law that’s been credited for keeping sixteen-year-old drivers safe behind the wheel. What is that law? Is it:

A. Graduated License Program

B. Don’t Ask, Don’t Drive

C. Graduated Learners Program

Or is it D. The Federal Reserve Act?

Drum roll!

The answer is “A,” Graduated License Program. And since the GLP has been put into place, there have been 1,300 fewer crashes overall.

Scott: That is right, Andy. In the 1990s, many states began using the Graduated License Program as a way to prevent new drivers from getting in accidents.

Although the program’s restrictions vary from state to state, most include three steps: beginner, intermediate and full privilege, all designed to help ease a new driver into the responsibilties of the road.

And while the numbers have improved thanks to the GLP, there is still reasons to be cautious. According to a 2009 AAA study, 730,000 drivers between the ages of 15 and 18 were in police reported crashes. Of those crashes, close to 60% of them involved either speed, failure to stop, or not paying attention.

“We get a text message, we’re excited. We get a phone call, we check it. You know, our favorite song is on the radio, turn it up. So, I definitely think there are a lot more distractions now.”

Scott: Check out this video from AAA. It shows young drivers using cell phones, driving without seatbelts and running red lights.

Scary stuff, right?

So, experts suggest while sticking to the rules of your state’s Graduated License Program, new drivers need to keep practicing, only drive at night when necessary and try to limit the number of friends they give a lift home.

So, please be safe out there. Don’t text and drive. It is actually pretty intense.

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